The Effects Of Video Game On A Person Behavior Or Personality?

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Nowadays, games are enjoyed virtually by all types of players and backgrounds and parents are more involved in making sure that the ones their child plays are age-appropriate. Although, the initial concern of playing every video game is one that won’t affect a person behavior or personality to change. Most game that are been produced today are filled with the use of profanity, significant amount of sexual contents, and violence which is the fundamental part that is introduced to every game today. On November 18th, 2014 Rockstar Games developed the one of the most intriguing and interesting GTA series ever made. The game was set within a fictional state of San Andreas (based on South California), and the single player story mode thus follow…show more content…
The combat gameplay is very unique and outstanding because players can use stealth attacks to defeat their foes. Spider-Man will also crawl through vents to get to the next stage of the game. Although, these games showcase violence as a mainstay of the in-game mission but depicts with morality through the use of insane stunts and skill, massive destruction, military-grade weaponry, and luxury cars. The ability to create an avatar that does not reflect a gamer’s true self distorts the sense of self of sense that humans are innately endowed with. As Harris states in his article, however, people are beginning to rely more on the virtual world for excitement rather than the real world. An avatar is an abstract concept within itself. There are many definitions of the word, but there in one in particular that really personifies the true implication behind the concept. In this case, the immortal being this definition refers to is a person’s inner personality, who they are on the inside. The bodily manifestation of the immortal being, then, would be the avatar that a person creates. By this definition, an avatar should be a digital personification of whoever creates it, a physical manifestation of an intangible concept. In other words, an avatar is what a person feels that they should be, how they should look, in comparison to their true physical features.
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