The Effects Of Video Game On Society

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For generations games have been an important part of our culture. Many of these games center on war and strategic tactics. Boys and girls have played soldier, Cowboys and Indians, Monopoly, or Chess . Through games such as these the future men and women of society learned strategy and the consequences of controlling and restraining themselves because their actions had consequences. However with the invention of the computer high definition graphics, these games, and many others have been created and gone digital. As technology has advanced, so has the realism that these games provide… virtually. Now death and destruction can happen, cries of death and even the feelings of being hurt have all been virtualized so that it seems so real, but without any consequences. Today computer games, including violent games, are played by many to the point of addiction. Although there are many benefits to the
Video game sales have rapidly grown over the past years. 43% of these games are considered Teen or Mature, and an additional 12% are considered Everyone 10+ . With statistics like these, one can only assume that many of the games that are being played are considered at least somewhat violent. According to the Online Education Center the average American gamer spends 18 hours a week playing video games. Even though only 65% of US households play video games, the average time spent playing video games per capita in the United States is 23 minutes a day. Several recent
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