The Effects Of Video Games On Children

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The activity I had chosen for this assignment is as follows; every day in my house I have always noticed how my siblings, precisely my brothers enjoy spending plenty of hours playing video games such as PS4 and X-box. On a particular day, I decided to try and play for the first time, their video games. I noticed that as they walked into their room and saw me trying to use the gamepads I could tell that they were bewildered by their facial expression. The first question they had asked me, was what I was doing? And I told them that I wanted to play one of their video games. Given my response, they seemed to think that I was been sarcastic. Furthermore, while I was trying to figure out how certain buttons on the gamepads function, they had told me how video games are not meant for girls the other ‘’manly’’ and such kinds of games would take a longer time for me to learn. Furthermore, the reason I choose to do this activity is because the activity relates to the materials and topics of the course, it also helped me understand the teachings discussed in the course that can be applied in a practical way in everyday life. This activity also enlightened me on ways to how gendered stereotypes exist and how it is depicted in modern day society, through the medium of video games. Furthermore, masculinity and feminity are depicted in this activity in many ways. In general, there is this misconception that video games are a traditionally male thing, so whenever a woman is seen
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