The Effects Of Video Games On Children

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In today’s day and age, there are many new ways to stimulate cognitive development in youth; some approaches are: school systems, puzzles, board games, society, media, etc. There is one approach that has been given various amounts of feedback, which has been linked to both positive cognitive development and negative influences. Video games have been linked with improving educational benefits amongst all age groups; however, for every positive there must be a negative. Video games have been branded with a reputation for social issues, physical aggression, and in severe cases, deadly violence. Throughout the past years, there have been many occasions where video games have been accused of influencing violent attacks that resulted in death.
Video games have become a huge part of our lives in various forms, such as consoles, handheld devices and some television games. As Suzanne Phillips Psy.D, ABPP, stated, “Statistics reveal that 58% of Americans play video games, the average age of a player is 30 years old... and parents are involved with their children’s game purchases 81% of the time.” “Video Gaming: Unexpected Benefits” Every age group from toddlers to senior citizens are exposed to a form of video game, whether it be educational, fantasy, violence or even a puzzle. Within all age groups, there is a variation of different types of video games and usage amount. The amount of time spent playing video games has both a positive and negative impact towards the players.
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