The Effects Of Video Games On Children

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The Effects of Video Games Normally when a child acts out, misbehaves, or shows violence people might try and link this bad behavior to something in the child’s life. Video games are often the target for such accusations. It makes sense that with all of the violent content television and video games have to offer with shows like Game of Thrones or games like Grand Theft Auto, that it is no wonder children show signs of violence, right? Then why does developmental psychologist Dr. Marilyn Price Mitchell disagree that video games are the sole cause of violence in children? Video games have many times been linked to violence in children; however, studies have shown that they may have more of a positive influence than one might think. Video games are not to be blamed for violent behavior in children because the potentially negative effect they have could be avoided by simply educating children about the bad content featured on certain games. Many times people argue that video games create or promote violent behavior in children. While this may be partially true, there are in fact children who can separate fantasy from reality and not dwell on the emotional effects of the game when it is over. I am someone who puts in anywhere from 12 to 30 hours a week during the school year, and even more over the summer, on video games and I have not exhibited any violent behavior to anyone. In fact, I have never been in a physical fight or hit anyone. I have played games such as Dead Space,
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