The Effects Of Video Games On Children

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In the past few decades video games have become extremely popular among children and young adults alike. In the early days of video games the children of which became captivated by these fictitious worlds still hold on to the loving value of playing these games and destroying their opponents, over time graphics and violence grew stronger in some of these games. Today, computer graphics in video games are incredibly realistic and there is an astronomical amount of people who are now pointing the finger towards video games for making them too violent resulting in their children to have violent outbursts and growing violent tendencies. I do not believe it is the video games that are making these children act in fits of anger and rebellion; I believe it is bad parenting that make these children lash out. Although, there have been numerous studies on the effects of video games and how they link violent acts carried out by young adults, most of the findings are inconclusive, meaning no physiologist can actually prove that video games cause violence. Parents are the direct result of why children act out in violence not video games. Video games have gotten to the point where gamers can become a character in a virtual world and basically carry out any action to the gamers choosing, even if that means to kill whomever the gamer would desire in multiple explicit gory ways that the user desires to do in their twisted minds yet, people are still pointing fingers at this X-rated portion
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