The Effects Of Video Games On Children

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The world of today has developed in a way that even children are affected by technology. They enjoy video games in their leisure time and even prefer them to studying that, in its turn, can contribute to their poor performance in the class. These days, video games have become an issue that has brought concern to many people from parents to scholars about their potential effect on the future of children through influencing their conduct. They feel that the violent behavior or any other negative consequence can occur as an undesirable result of letting their children utilize these games to spend good time. In fact, every parent wonders whether participation of their children in playing video games may cause them to be more violent. The opinions on the issue whether video games are useful or harmful are very different. The opponents of video games argue that this kind of entertainment increases the risk of violent in children. On the contrary, the proponents of video games see more benefits than disadvantages for children who play these games. Therefore, making the best for children who like to play video games and trying to decrease the potential negative effect of them on a child’s development is a real challenge, as the existence of some flawed effects cannot be denied. Introduction In a modern world, children and teenagers spend their time on schooling and consuming media. The problem of whether playing violent video games lead to the development of violent behavior in
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