The Effects Of Video Games On Children

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Video Games

Today video games are a staple in most households. It is pretty amazing to know that the first creation of games date all the way back to the 1900s. They were not originally invented to make a profit, but to give patients something to do while waiting in the lobby of an office. One inventor had a simple idea of using the monitor not just as a television set, but as a way to play games. College students were just playing around with equipment and happened upon something great. Once the inventions took off there was no stopping them. Inventors had no idea of the impact they would make in the lives of our generation, 75 years later. After doing some research I would like to show the good and the bad: how the creation of games came about, how the ESRB had to be established, how video games have affected children, and how to reduce consumption.
History of Video Games
Now days we consider any game played on a device to be considered a video game. However, when some of the first games were created there was great debate over labeling them computer games or video games. The issue was more about who could get the bragging rights of being the first inventor of games rather than the type of game.
According to the History of Video Games (2015): The word ‘video’ in ‘video game’ was taken to mean a raster display device, it is now used in reference of any type of display device. The electronic systems…
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