The Effects Of Video Games On Children

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Modern technology is a worldwide sensation that is captivating more and more people each day. With the accessibility to media applications, there are so many opportunities to learn and reach out to people from all over the world. With media outlets streaming on your mobile phone in a coffee shop or ringing up an order on a tablet, it seems like nothing is truly impossible. One of the biggest media applications of technology are video games. While this is a phenomenal humankind progression, this is also transforming the perception of normality to children. While limiting the recommended amount of time a child is attached to a video game, one can begin to understand how this form can further develop our children. From confidence building to creativity, video games can be brought on as educational as well as just for fun and relaxation. Not too long ago while I was scrolling through my face book page, I stumbled upon a video which was a commercial by the company Nature Valley. In this video, there are a few parents, their children, and grandparents, being asked the question, “When you were a kid, what did you do for fun? (Narrator, Nature Valley 3 Generations- #Rediscover Nature)”. The parents and grandparents proceeded to answer with outdoor activities: fishing, gardening, and playing games outside and inside with other neighborhood children. As they reminisced, their faces seemed to light up; their smiles widened and even body movement was expressed in their delightful
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