The Effects Of Video Games On Children

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In today’s society and in the past, children like and liked to play video games. They enjoy playing them, but does anyone know the damage that playing these games can cause? Not all of the effects of playing video games can be damaging to the child. Some of the effects of video games can be beneficial to the child in many ways. There are both positive and negative effects to children playing video games. To limit the child, parents can control the amount of time and decide on what the child can and can not play on the game system. Playing video games too much can have negative effects on a child. Too much time playing video games can result in a child not spending anytime out side. They can get lost within the game and play for hours on end (Hughes, 2014). A child should not loose touch within their own brain, within the brain they have their own creativity, their imagination. When children do not use their imagination, they do not play like their parents did when their parents were younger. A little factual information, children at the age of eight consume 13 hours a week playing video games, and children between 13 to 18 years of age spend 14 hours a week playing video games(Hughes, 2014). The amount of gaming that these children play is just amazing. The down side is that video games take away so much of a child’s day, that the child could be missing out on enjoying a beautiful day outside when the weather is nice. Children mostly do not like to play the
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