The Effects Of Video Games On Children

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Kyle Williams Professor Stephanie Wilhelm English 112 12/11/14 Debate about Violent Video-Games Video games are fun, they create a sense of happiness for people of all ages, races, and preferences. Some might say that creating video games is an art form, because of the ability of developers creating a game suited to the specific preferences of individuals. However, because developers create a wide range of video game genres, violent games may be created. It is often debated that the animations created within these video games that allow you to emulate acts of violence on NPCs within the game; shows signs that the player may have sadistic qualities. One might wonder why children are even allowed to purchase these games. This has…show more content…
Upon further research, author Tobias Greitemeyer stated how, “One national survey showed that 88% of American youth between ages 8 and 18 play video games.” (Greitemeyer 19) From the statistics I gathered stating that more than half of video-games rated by the ESRB have violence, along with the 88 percent of American youth that plays video-games. It is fair to assume that most children are playing some type of violent video game. However, does violent video-games really affect the minds of our young people? It remains a debate, because video game developers are protected by laws and every type of playable electronic software is regulated by the Electronic Software Rating Board. The people totally against violent video games feel as if violent titles should be taken of shelves. To begin with, protocols have already been taken regarding creating a rating based system, focused on age-appropriateness of specific video games. The Electronic Software Rating Board, which is the system created for age appropriateness for all software. All video games and apps that are sold commercially must first go through ESRB to become sold on shelves. Just like
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