The Effects Of Video Games On Children Essay

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One of the common forms of indoor recreational activities is playing video games. Over the years, there has been mixed viewpoints regarding its wide-ranging effects especially among the youth. Much of the controversy focuses on violence and aggression coming from various sources like the media, researchers, and more intensely, parents who are greatly concerned with the negative impact of video games to their children. Amplifying the adverse side of this debate is the occurrences of a number of crimes associated with playing violent video games as their common denominator along with its booming popularity. Since then, avid video gamers were viewed in a negative light, portrayed as potential killers, and the undesirable outcomes in engaging with video games have been greatly emphasized in the ongoing debate such as, exposure to its violent content causes children to become violent, linking mental disorders and behavioral problems in the long run. Nonetheless, not all are in favor of these perpetuating arguments about video games. More recent studies found that it does not predict violent behaviors (Decamp, 2015) regardless of its content (Etchells, Gage, Rutherford, & Munafò, 2016) while some have discussed the positive impact of playing video games (Mafesty et al., 2016; Clemenson & Stark, 2015).
Several platforms and personalities have been involved in the video game controversy. One of these is retired Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, a “psychologist” and author of the books
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