The Effects Of Video Games On Our Culture Today

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ABSTRACT Video games have become a driving force in our culture today, and the effects, both positive and negative are scrutinized on a daily basis. The violent aspects of this form of media are a cause of concern, but to what effect remains an important question. This research proposal aims to look at a gap in the literature on this topic by qualitatively accessing aggression and enjoyment of players based on varying difficulty levels and numerous genre types available in the market today. The ultimate goal is to understand if the difficulty is an additional cause for potential aggressive behavior. INTRODUCTION In the Entertainment Software Association’s 2013 report, information on the video game industry can summarized as: “1) 59% of Americans play video games, 2) Consumers spent $21.83 billion on video game hardware/accessories and video games, 3) 48% of all gamers are women, and 4) 51% of US households own a dedicated console, and those that do own an average of two.” (, 2014). The facts speak for themselves: video games have become a significant part of our culture today, and can also be seen internationally. I personally worked for gaming retailer GameStop for almost 8 years, and utilizing that knowledge base, I intend to be a part of the growing industry. However, it is important to understand that the past-time so many enjoy can have adverse effects, as legal battles over the violent content of games have attempted to argue. Various school shootings
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