The Effects Of Video Games On People Essay

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Since its inception, video games have faced the everchanging praise and scrutiny of society. In recent years, gaming has reached the forefront of society, growing exponentially every 3-5 years, which comes at a cost. Psychological, physical, cultural research is done to determine the impact video games have on people, specifically how it shapes minds, creates opinions, and its practical use. As with anything in mainstream society, it is hard to reach a consensus on a subject, so you must turn to scientific research to reach a valid conclusion.
Societies in today’s world encompasses millions to hundreds of millions of people, who all have differing opinions, which leaves room for misinterpretations and misconceptions. There are many misconceptions in the gaming community, many of which are low hanging fruit that exist in every topic, so I’m going to try and only talk about the more recent or most damaging ones, if taken as truth. The most damaging one, in my opinion, is the apparent link to aggression. Research done, most notably by the APA show a “consistent relation” between (violent) game use and increased aggressive behavior. These “findings” do not explore the entire picture, statistics show there is a much higher rate of violent crime in the U.S. compared to countries like Japan or South Korea, where the gaming industry revenue is still in the billions. (Top Countries) Just based on this data, it shows there are confounding variables these studies fail to account for.…
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