The Effects Of Video Games On Physical Health

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Excess playing time
International studies have shown that between seven and eleven per cent of gamers show some symptoms associated with addiction. Some teens are heavy users of online role-playing games (RPGs) such as World of Warcraft and multiplayer games such as Call of Duty in which they interact with other players in real time. These teens will often neglect schoolwork and other aspects of their daily lives when they become immersed in these games. The American Medical Association has identified “video game overuse” as ‘behaviour’.
World of Warcraft, one of the most popular online games, is played by more than ten million devotees around the world; in general, online gamers spend more than 20 hours a week playing. The potential negative effects on physical health are another concern relating to excessive video game playing. If a child spends long periods of time playing video games, it may come at the expense of more active pastimes. Cost of gaming
Video games are a fun hobby, but no one ever said it was an inexpensive one. For example a brand new console such as the PS4 or an Xbox One will cost you around £300-400 standalone with absolutely no games. Factoring in the price of games this will usually cost about £40-50 easily for new releases. And if that wasn’t enough PC gamers have an even harder time when it comes to building their machine as a moderate gaming rig will cost the average user around

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