The Effects Of Video Games On The Society

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The rapid advance in technology influences the creation of various entertainment sources. According to a U.S Study by Rideout Et Al (As Cited in Anderson & Bushman 2001.a), the popularity of video games specially is rapidly increasing. Nonetheless, ferocious electronic games are an attraction of attention to children, teenagers, and even adults. In fact, in another U.S study by Butchman & Funk (As Cited in Anderson & Bushman 2001.b) on 4th grade students, three of every four boys and six out of every ten girls favour violent computer games. This essay will argue that violence in video games should be censored. For the purpose of this essay, violence can be defined as the physical force proposed to hurt, damage, or kill either someone or something, and censor may relate to the act of supressing unwanted material (Oxford Dictionaries). Furthermore, the three main points of this essay are: exposure to violent video games leads to aggressive behaviour, computer games negative impacts on the society, and how ferocity in video games collaborates with affecting the psychology of individuals negatively. Firstly, it is widely believed that computerized games increase aggressive behaviour. Since late 20th century, researches indicate that disclosure to brutality in many sources, including video games, may cause aggressive behaviour (Huesmann, 2007). Likewise, Bandura social learning theory (as cited in Kirsh 2003) suggests that habit imitation may occur from exposure to violent
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