The Effects Of Video Games On The Psyche Of Kids And Adolescents

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Since video games are a relatively new medium of artistic expression and entertainment, not much is known about the effects of continual exposure to them, especially at a young age. The effects of violent media on the psyche of kids and adolescents has been a pressing concern for many years now, as stated in a study conducted by Tortolero et al. (2014), where it is observed that most other studies done on the subject of video games were mainly focused on aggression (p.609). In the current attempt to identify a relationship between video games and the attitudes of youths, the researchers have decided to instead focus on levels of depressive symptoms and the amount of time spent playing video games through a cross-sectional analysis (Tortolero et al., p.609). The researchers have focused on the branch of psychology focused on mental health, clinical psychology (King, 2014, p.16), and the psychological problems associated with prolonged exposure to violent video games, specifically in preadolescents. The study was meant to observe the levels of depressive symptoms in children who played violent video games using the Major Depressive Disorder Scale of the DISC Predictive Scales to identify these symptoms which included lack of pleasure, lack of interest in activities, concentration difficulties, low energy, low self-worth, and suicidal ideation (Tortelo et al., 2014, p.610-611).
The purpose of the study was to see if there was a correlation between the amounts of time spent
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