The Effects Of Video Games On The Game

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Fallout 3 is an adventure game not like any other game that is out there. The music in the game has a very satisfying feel to it and the environment is very different from most games out there. The feeling of this game is like nothing any gamer may have come across before. A new breed of roll playing and adventure game has been born with the relese of Fallout 3. The music in the game is very interesting, it has a calm yet powerful feel to it. It gives the player a feeling of empowerment. Just sitting in the menu screen and listening to it will give the player an amazing feeling that this is going to be a game with lots of twists and turns to it. Music in the game can change in any moment from peaceful to a more dramatic feel. For example one may be enjoying the view with a simple ambient music playing, but then in an instant the music can change dramatically as an enemy gets close to the gamer. Just listening to the music in the game is a whole story by itself. The gamer may turn on a radio at a bar or on the personal radio called the pipboy that is attached onto the gamer’s character’s left arm. Music from the early 1950s to the 1960s plays on the radio and gives you a blast from the past type of feeling. Every song or music the gamer hears has that perfect feeling of where they are in the game. Within the Washington D.C. capital the music has a subtle drumming and trumpets playing that give the player a feel of history, a very patriotic feel. The
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