The Effects Of Video Games On The Development Of An Individual

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Literature Review
The articles in track number two surrounded the topic of family influence on the development of an individual. All of the research studies revolved around how external sources effected the development of a person. Each study focused on a different age and aspect of an individual’s surroundings. Article one “Infant Development Outcomes: A Family Systems Perspective” focused on the early stages of infancy; birth to seventeen months, and the effects of the individual mental status of each parent and the relationship of the parents on the infants cognitive and physical development. The second article “Contextualizing video game play: The moderating effects of cumulative risk and parenting styles on the relations among video
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diary” and a final assessment of the child in home to find evidence of behavioral issues. These families were compensated for their time by partial repayment of their phone bill. Finally, in the third article participants are the children of participants from a previous study. These individuals were those from low income families with a single or remarried parent running the household. Each of the individuals chosen to participate were interviewed and assessed for the existence of psychiatric issues.
Each of these studies received the go ahead from one source or another as far as ethics is concerned. The first study received approval from the NHS Research Ethics Committee and their University’s Governance Committee. An example of ethical treatment in this study would be the requirement for the interviews to be done in house and the presence of one of both parents during the testing of the infant. The second study received institutional board approval and showed ethical treatment of the subjects by ensuring that their interview process was not mentally or physically harmful to the parents or children being studied. The third obtained informed consent from each of its study participants and showed this through the use of their signed written consent forms. These three studies adhered to the rules and regulations surrounding the study of human beings by obtaining and following ethical guidelines. Approval from a board of ethics, the absence of physical or mental harm to
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