The Effects Of Video Games On Violent Behavior Among Young Children

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The Effects of Video games on Violent Behavior among Young Children Julian A. Jaggon University of Central Florida The Effect of Video games on Violent Behavior among Young Children Just how popular are videogames? In today’s society very popular, not only do our kids and teenagers play video games but even grown men and women play them as well. Video games are now more popular than watching television or going to the movies. According to Center for Disease Control, approximately 97% of American youth ages 12-17 play video games (CDC). In recent studies there have been quite a lot of debates concerning the behavioral affects of video games among youth ages 8 to 18. Videogames usage has become accepted globally among youths and adults, the entertainment industry as grown rapidly in past decades. Video games advertisements are plastered in the media, news, billboards, magazines, movies and eventually finding their way right in the hands of young children. It is still unclear of the perceptive regarding video games and the impacts they have on the actions of young children. The purpose of this study will be to examine the relationship between videogames and understanding its impact on violent behavior among young children. To what extent does violence in video games affect the aggressive behavioral pattern in young children? Video games Behavioral Impact
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