The Effects Of Video Games On Youth Essay

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For years now, we millennials (and post ’95 kids) have had the luxury of experiencing the boost and advances of technology first hand. From the internet to cell phones, movies and music to videogames, we have a plethora of sources to seek entertainment. Video games were a large amount of my childhood (they still are), and I found that playing video games- both violent and non-violent- were constantly engaging me in stimulating exercises that helped my perceptual-motor and memory, decision making, problem-solving and social skills. For years now I have heard the countless public beliefs that violent video games are related to aggressive and sometimes lethal behaviors, and I wanted to examine the evidence publicized in the media. These games are said to desensitize gamers to real life violence, which is usually seen in the younger, more impressionable crowd. These studies especially focus on 1v1, player-on-player violent games. Predictably, these claims arise when we reference school shootings, gang related crimes and other domestic terrorist acts conducted by our youth. It is too easy to quickly blame something like a violent video game for their behavior, even though other studies have shown that video games can produce positive outcomes, such as good problem solving skills, cooperation in a group and the ability to think and decide on the spot. Within this paper I will be looking closely at how some of these tests were conducted- analyzing if they were valid- considering
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