The Effects Of Video Games On Youth

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Joe Nardi Nardi 1 12/29/14 Ms. Galenski The Effects of Violent Video games on Youth In modern video game stores, topics that would have previously been viewed as taboo are now widely displayed and accepted as normal, such as violence. Some people question as to whether or not it is beneficial for people, especially children, to see these behaviors on a regular basis. It has become clear that many of the people who have drawn attention to this issue use studies and research whose credibility should be and in many cases has been questioned. The media takes these studies and over publicizes them saying that video games negatively impact children. Contrary to popular belief, most research that has been credited shows that violent video games have little to no negative effect of youth psyche. Video games have had a long track record of being prosecuted by people who have little to no reason to pursue the case other than the money that the lawsuit could potentially result in, rather than reforms in the games. Many people demand that age and content restrictions on video games should be in place due to their mislead notions that video games negatively affect their children. There is a rating system called the “Entertainment Software Rating Board” that all videogame companies use to prevent kids from getting content that their parents decide is not appropriate for them. Nardi 2 The rating go from E for everyone to AO for adults only which is for people
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