The Effects Of Video Games On Youth

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A. Statement of the Research Problem:
The purpose of this research is to determine if aggressive behavior amongst the adolescent stem from playing violent video games. In 1976, the first violent video game “Death Race” was released but, never held accountable for wrong doings of the youths of that time era. It has only been in recent years that society blames the violence within these games for the negative behaviors of youths. The graphics within these games have consistently improved over that past few decades and now seem just as realistic as life itself. Although, video games are more realistic than decades before, they are only one minute factor in determining ones behavior. When determining if violent video games is a factor of aggressive behavior , one needs to also needs to take into consideration how long that youth is playing a particular game, is that youth being supervised as he or she is playing that particular game, what type of social setting is involved, and etc. From bullying to high school shootings, violent video games have been held responsible for numerous wrong doings by youths.
B. Literature Review:
Parents have been torn on whether video games impose positive or negative behaviors within our adolescent. With new video games being created and the complexity standards being raised, the concentration levels have increased causing the brain and hands to work harder and faster. This will continue to help the video games through life with the handling…
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