The Effects Of Video Videos On Children

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Ed, Yes, let 's just say I can relate to working with crappy audio and video and then being asked to develop something out of it; and that happens far too often. But in your case, with the mic issues and the audio, sometimes those are salvageable; It 's about whether or not the kid knew what he was doing. I am by no means an audio expert in Adobe Audition, which is their audio software, but there may be something left to those videos. I agree in regards to doing the "In the Moment" type videos. That format and style of videos seem to be a big thing right now; and really, it 's more or less a quick way of grabbing peoples attention. And honestly, the equipment is always at the top of the list in regards to concern; but you are correct in that you should be able to hear you (with the mic being turned on). But right now, I am working on some post production footage, filmed with an iPhone 6, which shoots at 1080p 60fps. So sometimes the less formal approach may cater or extend your reach towards other consumer segments. Ed, I 'll be honest, I have a laundry list of files, programs, templates and other add-ins that could be utilized to improve and develop your existing files while enhancing and setting a high standard for future video work. That being said, there are some things we could do, but I think it 's all about what your message is and your audience. Not all video needs to be actual images or footage; you can do a lot with animation. On my end, it is a little
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