The Effects Of Violence And Violence On Children

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Recently, there was an attack nearby at a campus in UC Merced; where a young man at the age of eighteen, attacked his classmates by stabbing them with a knife. Why he did it is still being investigated but I can only wonder, what if he received knowledge and help at a younger age to cope with these desire of violence, if it might have prevented him from acting out his violence and aggressive behavior toward his victims. Whether the behavior is being acted out at home or in a public place, to a family member or a stranger, this issue must be address to help protect our children from hurting others and themselves as time progress. With no help, as time develop things gets worst; this goes for anything. Children are too young and emotionally unstable to handle or hold back any kind of violence and aggressive behaviors or understand the consequences associated with an act of violence. Children have to be taught how to control anger and address their anger and emotions. Addressing and bringing up this issue to children at a younger age could help our children cope with the difficulties they face when violent or aggression is triggered. I am now going to review the literature regarding different types of educational programs and the important roles of teachers to help reduce violence and aggression in children.
Now we must first understand why children become violence and aggressive. Some reasons that were addressed I found were children are being exposed to violence within the…
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