The Effects Of Violence And Violence On Children

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The past few weeks of our gender studies class we have been discussing institutionalized violence. Our class has took an in depth look at how violence is subsequently lived privately and publicly ignored. Meaning these victims live a paralleled life, one private and another public. My family has a history of violence on my mothers side. She grew up with an abusive mother, this abuse still affects her to this day. Having his misconduct so close to me, I have seen the detrimental side effects it can lead to. There are many different types of abuse from verbal, physical, neglect, cultural and many others. Much of the violence we have discussed in class has been related to institutions. Such as the Chesney- Lind and Irwin and the school to prison pipeline readings. These readings and videos showed us how violence and crime is correlated inside of certain institutions. The children at NH experience much of the discrimination and violence already and there is the possibility it will only get worse at they grow with age. In this paper I will go over two of the reading we were assigned the past few weeks of class. The first is the Badness to Meanness reading which discussed the rise of female violence and bullying. The next article I will be going over is the prison to pipeline reading. Both of these tie directly into institutionalized violence and how much of it is privately live and publicly ignored. The Neighborhood house is a very special place. It is somewhere that…
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