The Effects Of Violence On Children 's Violence

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The amount of violence a child is exposed to while they are young has also been studied to see if it may play a role in their violence towards animals as a child and towards humans later in their lives. A study conducted in the mid 2000’s looked at 47 mothers who had children exposed to family violence and 45 mothers with two children who were not exposed to any family violence. The study showed that there was a significant difference in the likelihood that children exposed to violence would also display violent acts of cruelty towards animals. The children who were exposed to father and mother violence/abuse more often displayed acts of violence towards animals than children who were not exposed to this violence (Currie 430). Another study that interviewed 152 aggressive and nonaggressive criminals showed that the aggressive criminals displayed a higher amount of violence towards animals than criminals who were not aggressive. The aggressive criminals who displayed acts of cruelty towards animals had a significantly higher chance that they were exposed to parental abuse and alcoholism as a child than the nonaggressive criminals (Kellert & Felthous 1113).
Children may also be exposed to cruelty towards animals in a supportive way rather than in acts of imitation or aggression that they see from television or their parents. In an article written by David DeGrzaia, he shares a story of how a small town in Pennsylvania used to have festival from 1934-1998 where people from…
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