The Effects Of Violence On Domestic Violence

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In many cases of gender violence there is a physical outburst or unwanted exertion of force. Perhaps the most salient issue which is evident through-out history as a root cause to domestic violence is poverty. Women who are unemployed and become an economic burden to their spouses, who become victims of domestic violence. The individuals in Domestic abuse situations, is battered and abuse by an intimate partner or family member. Domestic violence spreads across social class or race, it can happen to anyone. Abuse can also be psychological which may explain the reason it is often overlooked. Alcoholism triggers some violence, however dysfunctional martial problems is also a predictor. In more recent times domestic violence is a recurrent issue for NFL players. Jeff Gray an editorial author of SB Nation posits, that wives have blamed the NFL for fostering, force control and the maintenance of power by their abusive spouses by its culture of loyalty and silence.
NFL Player are becoming the new face of domestic violence. The percentage for domestic violence in the NFL is 55.4%. In Nashville Tennessee 2009 Steven McNair was shot to death in his sleep by his 20 year girlfriend. She thought he was been unfaithful and financial troubles were increasing. Ray Rice a running back for the Baltimore Raven was arrested for knocking his wife unconscious. In on NBC online news article “Still Playing 12 NFL player Have Domestic Violence Arrest” written by Jon Schuppe, he reports the…
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