The Effects Of Violence On Public Health Policy Essay

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Violence compromises physical health and threatens the safety of our communities (Public health policy paper). In our nation violence continues to cause premature death, disability and injury yet there are insufficient efforts to prevent it (Public health policy paper). Currently, our interventions to prevent violence occur after a violent crime has occurred. The focus is to incarcerate individuals who have committed a violent crime (public health policy paper). We are failing to fix the infrastructure where children surrounded by violence are living, once fixed we can prevent violence in our youth. Current policies cause removal of violent offenders from society by increasing the average sentence for a violent crime threefold (public health policy paper). Although this may have some advantages in preventing another violent offense by reducing violence rates by 10 to 15%, our innovative nation can do better (public health policy paper). including current incidence/prevalence and Social and Economic Burden
Incidence new cases
Prevalence:living total
Violent Deaths Rates in the age group 10-24 are 15.91 violent related deaths per 100,000
Homicide and assault related injuries among youth cost americans about 16.2 billion through medical bills loss of production in amongst older youth (

Clearly describes how the issue relates to the goals of Healthy People 2020 or the Millennium Development Goals,

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