The Effects Of Violence On Youth Violence

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Introduction: Violence is everywhere and due to this notion people find ways to accept it. Violence is part of the national mythology. Meaning violence is a social construction. Violent acts cannot be wholly understood unless we examine them as but one “one link in the chain of a long process of events” (Schmidt & Schröder 2001, 7). Violence and the responses to it are socially constructed, they are phenomena viewed and interpreted in many different ways. For example, individuals become a product of their environment. The lack of parental support, inflected by peers and their community causes youth to act out violently. Every violent experience are molded and locked into the memory of mind. Therefore the social construction of violence and the idea of memory, of recollections of violence in someone life, is crucial to creating youth violence.
Violence is corrupting the minds of today’s youth and destroying the future. Violence among young people is the most common act of deviance seen today. Youth violence is framed as an epidemic causing a moral panic. Youth violence is examined and labeled in order to construct responses. It shows how the structure of the deviant act is constructed based on the normless and normal behavior in society. Youth violence is socially constructed by the interpretation of social interactions each adolescents faces. The youth generation is setting an example for the rest of America to show how crisis situation arise and folds to tragic deaths.…
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