The Effects Of Violent Media On Children

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Meshari alshehri
English 302, Logan

Essay 4: The Effects of Violent Media
As the internet becomes an essential part of daily life for most of the population, the youth have quickly adopted its usage. The increased availability of television, film, music, and video games has made these forms of entertainment popular choices for young consumers. Along with the increase in media options, media’s depiction of violence has increased as well. Concern over the increased violence in the media has prompted research on its effect of child development. Initiatives to try and control the amount of violence consumed by younger people include a video game rating system and parental alerts for television programs. Unfortunately,
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Regardless of the rating system to help empower adults control what their children purchase and consume, the exposure to violent media often occurs anyway (Becker-Olsen & Norberg, 2010). Many parents feel that it is difficult to control every aspect of media that their children come into contact with and are often not convinced that any adverse effects occur (Vessey & Lee, 2000).
The range in media form can cause many to conclude that one form may be more harmful than another. Over the last decade, video and computer games have gained popularity as the most common way for children and adolescents to spend leisure time (Vessey & Lee, 2000). Over eighty percent of today’s most popular video games contain violence (Vessey & Lee, 2000), showing that there is a strong preference for these types of games in the market. Television and filmmakers have also taken leaped towards more violent programming and content that appeal to their audience. These visual images of violence have been determined to increase aggressive behavior in frequent viewers as well as desensitize the population towards violent acts (Videogames|and|Violence, 2007).
Violent media can exist without images in the form of music, often rap or hip-hop. Studies have linked frequent exposure to these violent lyrics to aggressive and deviant behaviors similar to those shown by adolescents (Miranda & Claes, 2004). Although there are distinct differences in
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