The Effects Of Violent Video Games On Children

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Video games have been around for years and have become increasingly more popular with today’s youth however, most people may think that video games are just games that children all over the world engage in but, what about violent video games? The amount of video games, especially violent games that children and teens are investing most of their free time has grown exponentially. This fact has led to many psychologists wondering whether or not violent video games are on the same wavelength as aggressive behavior. Furthermore, in 2010 a California law was calling for restrictions on video game sales to minors and psychologists Steven Gruel and Patricia Millett debated if violent video games had a correlation with aggression before the Supreme Court. In order to back up their evidence, their argument they used psychological and neuroscience research, both of which are prevalent in their field of psychology.
Due to the increase of violence in video games along with the realistic images and portrayal have some psychologists suggesting that children become more aggressive and angry after playing them. Steven Gruel, a psychologist that agrees that argued in from of supreme court, claims that scientific studies have undoubtedly proven that violent video games make children aggressive. According to Gruel, many conflicting effects can occur after a child plays a video game containing violence which includes increases in hostility, aggressive thinking, and psyical fights. These issues
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