The Effects Of Violent Video Games On Human Behavior

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Video Games are a form of media that continues to grow throughout society. As it grows and becomes fully adopted by adults and children alike, it seems as though a shroud of controversy follows suit. Many parents and those alike seem very afraid or reluctant to let their children play video games in today’s age. They fear for the long term affects such games might have on their children or even the short term effects. Many people see a correlation between aggressive behavior, violent moods, and bullying, when violent video games are in the equation. It seems as though it’s popular in today’s media to try and find a scapegoat or a specific target to point the finger and say, “it’s their fault!” video games have become that target. The following four literature reviews will explore research conducted on the effects of violent video games on human behavior, and try to reveal more light on the controversial topic.
In a research article done by Christopher J. Ferguson, Cheryl K. Olson, Lawrence A. Kutner and Dorothy E. titled Crime & Delinquency it’s stated that “Put simply, many measures used in video game studies claiming to represent “aggression” in fact do not correlate well with actual real-life aggressive acts” meaning, most studies that suggest playing video games and aggression are linked aren’t properly measured, which leaves room for invalid information (p. 766). The research article goes on to provide a diagram that shows while video game sales increased over a period
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