The Effects Of Visual Merchandising And How Do They Affect Consumer Purchase Behavior

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Research methods are the various procedures, schemes and algorithms used in research (Rajasekar, 2013), whereas, methodology refers to philosophy that shape the diversity of the entire body of knowledge (McGregor and Murnane). This proposal outlines the methodology and structure that will be used to answer the research question, what are the effects of visual merchandising and how do they affect consumer purchase behavior in UK’s food retail industry, particularly in, high end supermarket, Sainsbury’s Plc.

Research Philosophy

For many centuries, philosophers have been debating about the relationship between data and theory. It is important to understand the main philosophical choices underlying the management research. This is because; firstly, it can help to clarify research design, that is, what kind of evidence is gathered from where and how such evidence is interpreted in order to provide good answers to the research question. Secondly, research philosophy helps the research to recognize which designs will work and which will not. Finally, it can help the researcher to adapt research design according to the constraints of different subject or knowledge structures (Easterby et al. 1991). A research project is considered to the power when it clearly outlines the epistemology – study of knowledge and what we accept as being valid knowledge, or philosophical basis, known as a research paradigm (O 'Gorman and MacIntosh 2014). A paradigm is a set of assumptions, concepts,…
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