The Effects Of Vitamin Supplements On The Body

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Have you heard the saying that Vitamin C can prevent you from getting the common cold? Or, on the other hand, taking vitamin supplements will make you feel better overall? It is true that neither of these assumptions have been proven. Mainstream marketing and media has brainwashed our society into believing supplements can cure all that can potentially make a person sick. Vitamins are obtained from the foods we consume, and they are organic compounds that the body cannot produce enough of or any at all. Having these vitamins aid in many of the body’s systems such as a stronger immune system, breaking down fats and carbohydrates in the digestive system, stronger bones in the skeletal system, and healthy production of skin in the integumentary system. Vitamin supplements are essential to the body especially for people with eating disorders, people who are pregnant, or people with preexisting vitamin deficiency. Vitamin supplements are tablets, pills, or gummies that contain essential micronutrients for a person’s body to function properly but are not the cures to common diseases. I will help you know the origins of the term vitamin supplements, examples of vitamin deficiency, and common misconceptions.
Since our health depends on vitamins obtained from food or vitamin supplements, there is a need to understanding the history of vitamins. In 1912, Polish scientist Cashmir Funk named the special nutritional parts of food as a "vitamine" after "vita" meaning life and "amine"…
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