The Effects Of War And Immigration On Society

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Vija Celmins, for all of her statements about the meaning of her prints lying in their processes, has missed what can be called her unconscious influences. The true intent of her print piece Untitled (Web 3), cannot be garnered by her words alone but must be analyzed in order to uncover the childhood impact of war and immigration and how they have played a vital role in how she thinks about her printed works. By digging further into her work an underlying sense of a loss of control can be seen as a concurrent theme in the shift of processes and mediums that she undergoes both willingly and as a forcible change throughout. Contrary to Vija Cemins own beliefs about her work it can be surmised that her work is not as isolated as many of her peers seem to believe because a loss of control in early childhood and on effects both the way that she creates her art as well as her obsession with processes. When observing Celmins visual language it stands to reason that her piece Untitled(Web 3) isn’t out of the ordinary for her particular artistic style. Celmins use of limited color palettes and simplistic singular subjects and motifs are an essential part of her work that transcends her various mediums. For instance, in Celmins works she includes the same ocean motif in her graphite, painting, and print versions. All of these versions have the same all over, photorealistic, monochromatic style throughout that renders a haziness to her work and lets the viewer into the remnants of her
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