The Effects Of Water On The Water Of Water Essay

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Water is a very important resource, every life depends on fresh water to survive. There are three per cent of fresh water of the world’s water and all life on earth can only depends on half of it. Water has become a very fragile resources because, people have damaged the water bodies badly from the use of chemicals, irrigation to household. Consequently, these reasons have severely affected the water, the environment and many lives on earth.
Industrial wastes link to a significant cause of damaging waterbodies. It associates with the building of the dams and the chemicals waste from the industries. Dams have built to generate electricity for cities, but it also blocks the water flow of the rivers. For example, the dam that was built in West Africa in the Volta River blocked the river’s annual flows of up to 4 times (Middleton, 2012). Additionally, Industries sometimes do not store their chemical substances carefully and it might drip into the river, whereas some industries directly eject the used chemical straight into the waterbodies. For example, the Taiwanese government suggest that many big industries have expelled 100 tons of untreated liquid chemical substance by pouring it into one of the island’s longest rivers, the Kaoping (Agoramoorthy & Hsu, 2000). The chemicals substances that damage waterbodies are not just comes from the industrial wastes, however it also related to the chemicals use in agriculture and from household.
Agriculture require highly amount of water
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