The Effects Of Water Pollution On Earth

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One of the most important resources is water as it is necessary to life on earth, so we are signing our own death warrant by polluting it. Water pollution is caused by the contamination of water through several means like industrial waste water, chemicals, detergents, and acid rain to name a few.
This contamination affects the ever so delicate ecosystems worldwide, including the human ones. To be fair we have improved on this aspect since legislation in the recent years has improved water quality through water treatment plants and purification methods; nevertheless water affected by pesticides or herbicides still needs major improvement (4).
This problem is not a new one and it can be seen as far back as 1974, in the Water Pollution
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Solid Waste
Solid garbage has become one tricky issue to solve in the recent years and engineers have not come with a solution just yet. The clock is ticking because unlike air and water pollution, this “resource” is not diminishing; in fact it is becoming more abundant with The US, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, France, and Norway being the leading benefactors (4).
The short term solution to deal with the over abundance of garbage has been landfills, although this might not be an option in the near future as land used for landfills is becoming more scarce and they tend to create methane gas (4). Another solution is “waste to energy” plants, where garbage is incinerated, which on one hand provides a source of energy, but on the other causes air pollution(4) . This and the cost of the plant have caused people to rethink this “waste to energy” plants. Recycling is a more appealing solution and has grown in popularity in the recent years as the local government advocate it. The British government and other European countries are working on becoming greener by designing more eco friendly cars and of course advocating recycling (4). This does not mean that recycling has no drawbacks, as reusing materials usually requires more energy than when they are first produced. Another challenge that engineers face is the ever so resilient tire and how to properly
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