The Effects Of Water Pollution On The Environment

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There are many problems throughout the world, with there being starvation, war, struggles for oil.Imagine how bad these issues would be if they were in your neighborhood. The effects would be catastrophic but one major issue that most americans don 't realize and have been spoiled to never being without is Clean Water. Water is a major concern all around the world but here in america we have rarely experienced any type of serious water shortages. Just because america has never had any problem such as lack of clean drinkable water doesn 't mean it won 't happen in the future. We are rapidly using all of our freshwater and with a fast growing population the effects can be seen by just looking at our Great Lakes and even at Hoover Dam. Water…show more content…
Why is this a major a problem around the world today; Having access to reliable drinking source is not common in other countries, besides mainly in America the rest of the entire plant has some sort of water problem that being water shortages and/or water pollution. Water needs to become a major concern around the entire world. The focus is going towards the surface water because that is what can be visually seen everyday but groundwater is actually in more immediate chronic danger. The reserves of water aquifers hold are large so humans have been tapping them like there is no tomorrow. “Currently in America we are pumping out about 200 billion cubic metres (1 cubic metre=908 litres) more than can be recharged, steadily using up our water capital,”(Godrej). The water on Earth today is the same water that was on Earth billions of years before humans, during the age of the dinosaurs.Water can never be destroyed but the purity of freshwater is in danger; Every day that it rains the runoff of water collects fertilizers, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals that contaminate precious H2O that all flows back into america’s great lakes or aquifers.
The current growing population produces factories and other waste producing human-made resources in order to compensate for the rapidly increasing population. There is talk about unclean, unsanitary, polluted, and undependable drinking water. People walking miles for a few
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