The Effects Of Water Pollution

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Pollution can become a serious situation when the lives of humans and wildlife are threatened, therefore, it is researchers and scientists jobs to keep pollution controlled at the least through water regulations. There have been many stories of water pollution within the last decade pertaining to the discovery of dangerous metals. For example. The Flint Michigan water crisis in 2016 was due a water supply change that ended up containing lead and causing extreme illness to the population and a decrease as well according to researcher Victoria Morckel.1 Even researchers of the American Public Health Association discussed copper contamination in the water as well.2 Consequently, testing the water supply of the many different cities and…show more content…
The schemes were used to determine an unknown metal ion sample and an unknown anion sample. Drops of the unknown metal ion was mixed with same metal nitrate solutions from the scheme. This was the same for the unknown anion. Observations were recorded and compared to the schemes. The metal ions tested were calcium, copper, iron, lead, and barium. The anions tested were sulfate, carbonate, phosphate, and chloride. Table 1.1 represents the observations from the chemical reactions with the metal ions and Table 1.2 represents the observations from the chemical reactions with the anions. A scheme was built based on the two tables when a precipitate formed. The unknown metal ion was named Bloody Baron and when NaCl was added, no precipitate was formed, therefore, it couldn’t be lead. When H2SO4 was added, it could not contain barium because no precipitate was formed. Suddenly, when NH3 was added, the color turned indigo just as copper did and a little bit of a precipitate formed so iron was noted according to Table 1.1. Finally, as Na2C2O4 was added, no precipitate formed and, according to Table 1.1, iron was the only thing that did not form a precipitate. The conclusion of the unknown metal ion was correctly proven to contain iron and copper. The unknown anion was named Edward Scissorhands and it was only tested with silver nitrate (AgNO3) and barium chloride
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