The Effects Of Weathering And Weathering On The Environment

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Explain Phase: During the explain phase, students will discuss their findings with their small groups and through whole group discussion. As a class, they work together to identify how each type of erosion and weathering impacts its surroundings. During the explain phase, the teacher provides the academic language they have been defining throughout their exploration. The main goal is to allow students to provide their own understanding before teachers give the textbook answer. For this lesson, I will use a video about weathering and erosion to help explain the basics of weathering and erosion in a format that students will come near remembering. In this video, they use superheroes in a video game to describe how erosion and weathering work together to change the world similar to that of erosion and weathering. Students may question each other as follows: - Why do you think that the vinegar worked more quickly? - Did you think of any other things that could break down the chalk more quickly? - Did you make any changes to the lesson to test different ideas? What were the outcomes? - What questions do you still have about erosion and weathering? - Which form do you think is most common? Teachers may prompt discussion during the explain phase through the following questions: - Why do you think other groups found different things to be true than you? - Do you think that you
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