The Effects Of Whitewash And Its Impact On Society

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This paper addresses whitewashing because it seeks to show the impact it has had on society so that one can better understand the effects of it today in the 21st century. Understanding the foundational elements of whitewashing from the perspective of various topics will reveal the underlying causes of whitewash and its impact on the affected race today. Among the things that will be covered to reveal its impact will be how it has affected the educational systems, standards of beauty, and racial disparities in the criminal justice system, religion, and politics. The perspective this paper will be taking will be that whitewashing has had a negative impact on that of blacks and other minorities groups. This paper will be starting with the educational systems as this is the foundation where blacks as a people get their enlightenment
The tactics of whitewashing will be demonstrated through an examination of the various aspects of society that have been whitewashed. The evidence that would be used to support the thesis will come from books and articles and documentaries written or produced by experts in their field, where they talk about the whitewashing of the various aspects of society e.g. in the documentary Why is my curriculum white? By the students at the London School of Economics (LSE) students talk about their curriculum and how it reflects more of a white stand point that it being diverse where most students agreed that their curriculum is white and…
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