The Effects Of Workout Supplements On Young Adults

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The interest of building a stronger and better performing body has been the ideal goal for many athletes. Whether an individual is a professional athlete or a self- proclaimed athlete the importance of workout supplements is on the rise. Workout supplements come in various forms and have evolved from just steroid use. They have become increasingly popular over the past few years due to the popularity and the attention that has been brought to them. With the growth of social media came the growth of workout supplement usage. Social media influencers are often paid to endorse products that they may or may not use. Instagram is a well-known social media website that is recognized for individuals posting images of themselves promoting workout supplements often times with discount codes. The current trend is to weight-lift to build muscles, while this itself has many health benefits—the usage of workout supplements is what may have potential side effects. Social media targets people throughout the world but young adults are the ones that are primarily target, in which they attracted to the fitness trend. While this is not limited to young adults, this tends to be the audience that has the most interest to build their ideal body. Many factors may lead as to why young adults would turn to dietary supplements. Social media being a large contributor, as it has brought tremendous awareness to the existence of such products. Young adults are in a transitioning phase in their life

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