The Effects Of Workplace Violence On The Workplace

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Workplace violence (WPV) is defined as “any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site” (OSHA, n.d., para. 1). For the nursing profession these threats include the following sources: nurse to nurse, patient to nurse, relatives to nurse, other health professionals to nurse. WPV happens in all healthcare settings, however some units are known to have higher incidences than others. One healthcare setting that is well known for having high incidences of patient to nurse violence is the ED. Factors that contribute to the increase of WPV in the ED include: long wait times, patients with mental disorders, patients who have a history of violence, and patients…show more content…
However, he continued to curse at us and even tried spitting at nurse. The nurse continued to inform him that in order to fully assess him, so that we could see the extent of injuries and treat him, we needed him to calm down. As I was pulling the gown out to ask him to change, he ripped the gown from my hands. Before I knew it, he had it tied around the nurse’s neck, choking him. I immediately called out for help; meanwhile the nurse was able to get out of the choke hold, and the police were there soon after to help contain him. In the end, the nurse nor the patient were seriously injured. The nurse went on to finish his shift and a report was filed. After a few days, I was talking to the nurse and asked him what was done about the incident to which he replied, “Nothing, there is nothing we can do, we do run the incident up the chain, but nothing will be done, it is just part of what we do here.” This mindset that WPV is “just part of the job” is what makes this issue even more severe. WPV is essentially promoted by the healthcare staff since it is not thought of as an issue. The development of programs and policies to prevent WPV is essential throughout healthcare institutions and should include programs that are unit specific. This is critical to better ensure the safety of both nurses and patients. The repercussions of not implementing such programs are numerous and its negative effects are far
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