The Effects Of Yoga On The Mind Body Spirit About A Person 's Overall Health Status

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The review of literature on the benefits of yoga show the importance that exists between the mind, body, and spirit. This review conducted shows the significance of link between the mind-body-spirit about a person’s overall health.
Diversity in yoga including type, intensity, and duration are what play significant roles in the levels of perceived health benefits in comparison to traditional exercise. Thus, far stress reduction seems to be the most proposed benefit associated with yoga therapy, even though time constraints are the most common barrier. Due to the foreseen benefits of participating in yoga practice, this should generate an increase on the need of yoga to improve overall health status.
As we continue to understand the important and vital role that yoga practice has will hopefully continue to emerge in Western culture. As indicated from research, yoga plays a significant role in the reduction of stress management and reduction of risk factors in chronic disease. In comparison to traditional forms of medicine, yoga can be an integral part as a holistic alternative.
Yoga has been shown to affect not only mind, body and soul but overall general wellness. Yoga can affect a multitude of reactions in the body and reap positive benefits on the muscles, organ systems, glands and quality of life.
Although this literature review shows the potential benefits of including yoga as a part of general fitness, there still lacks enough research to warrant its impact. For us
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