The Effects Of Youth Sports On Children

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Youth sports in America has become a trend that has touched every household. Sports has become so ingrained in American culture, that toddlers have even begun to experience it. Almost all children from the ages of six to ten have kicked a soccer ball or hit a ball with a bat. While studies have shown that youth team sports have a tremendous positive impact on a child’s social development, many children have run into serious injuries. Some of these injuries can require extensive surgeries, rehabilitation, and could cause developmental problems in these young children. Many of these injuries stem from overuse and children not being developmentally ready for the intensity of a certain sport. In today’s competitive sports culture, children are more at risk for serious physical injuries and psychological consequences than children twenty years ago. For decades children have been involved in team sports such as soccer, tee-ball, and basketball. However, children are starting to begin playing sports much earlier. Some start dance, gymnastics, and even join rugby teams by the ages of three and four (Onderko). In her article about toddler sports, Patty Onderko references orthopedist Allston Stubbs, who says that recently he has seen more adolescents and preteens with major shoulder, knee and hip problems. According to Stubbs this is, “in large part due to the fact that kids are starting sports at very young ages when their bones are still developing” (Onderko). Children near the…
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