The Effects On Relationships From Social Media

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Kayla Joseph Rebecca Mitchell English 603-HSZ-VA May 9, 2017 The Effects on Relationships from Social Media Social media is incorporated in our everyday lives. It is used mostly to stay connected with friends, family and the media world in general, but sometimes, it is used in different ways in such it can have an effect on relationships. The issue about social media and relationships is that it can cause a lot of issues such as disloyalty, trust issues, etc. It is much easier to cheat on your partner nowadays as it is easy to simply erase all kinds of evidence social apps. An important concept to keep in mind however is that the contributing factors have changed over the years, and that is why it needs to be researched every few years or…show more content…
In this article, 8 studies were done by interviewing students in relationships. Based on these studies, in 5 out of the 8, 62.5% revealed how their online affairs, flirting online, etc caused great damage in their relationships (Cooper et al., 2004; Parker & Wampler, 2003; Schneider, 2000a, 2000b, 2003; Underwood & Findlay, 2004). Based on these results, it is heavily revealed how much of a strong alliance there is between the use of technology and relationships. It seems to be that relationship partners whom use social apps more or just the internet in general are more likely to be the ones whom cheat on their partners the most opposed to partners that are not as addictive. Thirdly, in Betty-Ann Cyr, Steven L. Berman and Megan L. Smith’s article “The Role of Communication Technology in Adolescent Relationships and Identity Development”, it concludes the use of cell phones and social media to communicate with partners had high levels of association with pressure, distress, being overly careful in dealing with their significant other, and mostly, a lot of intense anxiety. In a second article, it revealed how one’s self and relationship problems was associated with how partners interact with one another. As mentioned before,
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