The Effects Social and Political Changes Had on Fashion in the 1980’s

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This essay will explore the effects social and political changes had on fashion in the 1980’s. This period was chosen because the new romantic fashions were so different to the punk fashions that had been before, this essay will therefore identify the changes that had taken place to influence this change. Primary evidence used to support findings will include interviews and photographs which will show a firsthand account of the period. In order to understand why punk came about the preceding periods will be considered. The baby boom after the war had resulted in a large amount of people being born at the same time. A knock on effect later down the line resulted in mass unemployment for young people. The punk era showed angry,…show more content…
Men and women tried to be what is typically considered masculine both in look and attitude and the era was a negative time as the rebels hit out. It appeared they wanted to stand out from others with their uncommon choice of clothing, hairstyles, jewellery and body modification. Fashion worn by the punks also reflected their opinion of the government, “stuck together with safety pins”; the idea that the economy was falling apart with unemployment. Safety pins and studs were a popular choice to accessorise punk outfits with (as seen in the photo below) as they give the tough and rebellious masculine feel to their outfit. It also showed a creative aspect as they began to add and adapt everyday objects such as bin liners and razor blades, in attempt to give an aesthetically pleasing finish. Tape was also used in addition to safety pins in order to hold together rips in clothing although not all rips as holed clothing was considered fashionable by them. Further customisation was made when embellishments made with marker or paint decorated many clothes. These were often added to denim, leather or rubber; clothing that the general public associated with transgressive sexual practises such as bondage and S&M. Above an image of a group of punks with customised clothing including rips, studs, chains, safety pins, leather and denim. In addition to this body modifications such as multiple piercings and tattoos were increasingly popular for
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