The Effects War Has on Military Families

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War is one of the most powerful threats we have on the Earth today. War can bring about a variety of things in a variation of different ways and it is completely up to the government to decide a country's war position. It is up to individuals that will under no circumstances have to experience what they have created, but what happens to the soldiers they send in to battle for them and their families. For the soldiers they are trapped with an involvement unlike any other known to man, stuck with memoirs and images of what it's like to be hunted by an opposing soldier. Different types of people take different effects away from the warfront and are affected in diverse ways, but big changes after a war are unavoidable. In the stories “The Red…show more content…
As a civilized person of society we want the versatile advancement of the human culture, writings, science and the fine art. Civilization is a state where the peak principles of the human society are naturally and extemporaneously reproduced by a man's thoughts and actions. If we look back into the past at the civilizations of ancient India or Greece and Rome, it is not for the wars that they waged there, but for their literature, knowledge, fine arts and their philosophic thoughts. The past teaches us many things but one that stands out is, that is, man has attained his uppermost cultivation in times of peace. Meaning their military personnel did not have to deal with everyday trauma by still being effected by lingering thoughts of war. The success that ancient civilizations during wars mean nothing because they were simply forgotten later in history: Many of the poets have praised war but it was only to demonstrate the greatness of the human mind explaining that war was not needed to thrive, but also displayed the achievements of heroic fighters displayed. But visualize the cost of wars no matter where and what time period it happened. During wars the three Ms; men, material and money have been squandered for utter destruction. Warlords often speculated that war was a healthy stimulant and ought to be conducted to re-establish honorable ethics. They often claim that war is always
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