The Effects of 9/11

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The 9/11 World Trade Center events are one of the darkest stains in the history of mankind and most of society never managed to understand how people can adopt such horrifying methods with the purpose of expressing themselves. These events change the world completely, as every domain ranging from aviation to local police experienced reform and were reorganized with the purpose of being able to deal effectively with potential terrorist threats. Economics, politics, and society in general came to use different strategies from that point on and it is actually difficult for someone to claims that he or she never experienced the aftermath of the 9/11 events. Security was probably one of the fields that were most severely affected by this catastrophe, taking into account that security measures from around the world improved significantly as the authorities realized that they were underprepared to deal with such situations and that it was essential for them to review their agendas. However, many Americans gained a wrong understanding of 9/11 and came to believe that it would be perfectly normal for them to engage in hate crimes against Muslims and Arabs because of their alleged probability to become terrorists. A series of individuals who appeared to be from the Middle-East reported being the victims of hate crimes consequent to 9/11. Arabs in the U.S. suddenly started to be identified as dangerous and came to be targeted by a series of individuals who think that they are doing a

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